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1874 - year of foundation

Decade and a half dedicated to our passion.

Docobo Shopping

At 1874, the prestigious architect Pereiro Caeirois responsible for designing the structure of the low number 74 of the Rúa do Vilar, where its facade stands out. Wood raised by its elaborate capitals. With a great commercial tradition, this is the street par excellence of Santiago de Compostela. Its arcades have fulfilled a social function of meeting, pedestrian walk. Walking through it, means a gift for aesthetics.

Leaving behind the time, in 1950 the marriage formed by Manuel Docobo and Purificación Durántezassumes the responsibility of opening a new window to the commerce of Compostela. Without wanting to be wrong, Docobo brought his special point of reference to many generations of santiagues and pilgrims. It represents an authentic museum dedicated to the cult of spontaneity. Being the inexorable time in life, the retirement of a marriage that is still remembered and admired today, led to the incorporation by the dynasty of his son Ricardo.

With new concepts, new ideas, although always keeping the constants of their parents. A very careful customer service and a unique exposure of its products to the customer. As evidenced by his “personal” showcase. Hundreds, thousands of people, are those who annually make their stop in a particular sample to carefully read each explanation, written manually, that has each label that accompanies each article. The development of a long commercial life was forged in the first place to always treat the client as a friend and, secondly, the ability to adapt to each cycle of society.

Today we would say “be up to date”. Collecting the testimony of that philosophy is the reason why we come to this new parallel way of selling “online”. A request very requested by the innumerable members of our commercial “family”. That the intentions of transferring our gratitude to the client in each commercial transaction can continue to be maintained with this new essential formula in our current lives.

In Docobo, do not forget… “we almost certainly have what you’re looking for”.

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